CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 10-11

The cover of the book CGP 11+ Study Guide and Assessment Tests

I’ve always been a fan of the CGP 11+ books, as I believe they are some of the most child friendly and easy to use resources currently available. This has been one of the key learning tools for my students since it was published in 2012. Whilst it is not specific to any exam board, it does cover a large amount of the material for the GL Assessment 11+, and other providers, but NOT the CEM exam.

The book is divided in to 2 sections:

  1. Spotting Patterns
  2. Assessment Tests

The first section is the most valuable area of the book, and offers guidance on the concepts your child needs to understand & successfully complete the exam.

Beginning each double page with a section on a blue background, the basic approaches to answering 11+ questions are introduced, before moving on to exam style material. This is one of the more comprehensive approaches to learning the 11+, and I find that students engage well with the material whilst developing sufficient knowledge to attempt the exam style questions with a little assistance.

The second part is divided into 5 Assessment Tests, each of which contain 6 exam style sections. Recommended timing is suggested, providing a good challenge for the most intelligent of students, and there is a convenient Progress Chart printed in the back of the book. You can even download and print multiple-choice answer sheets from CGP, which are a reasonable match for the genuine exam.

Although the material is generally clear, you should have some understanding of the 11+ questioning styles and exam sections if you want to gain maximum benefit from the book. This is not a “parents’ guide”, and does not claim to be. The tear-out answer book tucked neatly inside the back cover does provide explanations for the answers, but this is by no means an efficient way to teach yourself to help your child.

I recommend this book if you are clear in your own understanding of the 11+ examination, through a “parents’ guide” or having worked through the exam recently with another child. None of the major publishers have caught up with the new attempts to make the 11+ “Tutor Proof”, and there is no mention of the Spatial Awareness or 3D questions that have recently been introduced by most exam boards.

Book Summary

Book Name11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 10-11
PublisherCGP Books
Publication Date7 June 2012
Recommended retail price£6.95
Exam suitabilityGL Assessment & Others
Overall Score8.4 (recommended)
Date review last updated25 May 2017

CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 10-11

CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 10-11

Ease of Use


    Clarity of Explanations


      Value for money


        Exam Match


          Child Friendly



            • Exam Standard
            • Child Friendly
            • Strong Introductory Section
            • Very Easy to Use
            • Great Value for Money


            • No Spatial or 3D coverage
            • Not specific to any exam board

            Author: Dave

            Dave has been tutoring children for the 11+ exam in Lincolnshire since 2011. He is an expert in preparation for entrance to the Grantham Grammar Schools, and has successfully worked with many current pupils.