GL Assessment – The Official 11+ Practice Papers – Non-Verbal Reasoning

This review covers both of the Non-Verbal test packs that GL Assessment publish, there are multiple choice and standard versions of each of the 2 packs and this review covers all of them.

When an examination board releases a set of practice papers it has the huge advantage of knowing what specifically is going to be in the tests. GL Assessment have been publishing these papers since 2011, and they have historically been shown to be an excellent match for the annual exams. Unfortunately, in recent years all of the 11 plus exam providers have been aiming for a “tutor proof” test, and GL Assessment have not updated their published practice materials. The trend appears to be the inclusion of 3D and spatial reasoning questions into the Non-Verbal Reasoning exam papers, which bring GL Assessment more in line with the CEM exams that are favoured by most Grammar Schools.

There are 4 tests in each pack, with exam style answer sheets, and a ‘Notes & Answers for Parents’ booklet. They provide a very good simulation of the older versions of the GL Assessment Tests, but to be clear, they are NOT appropriate for the other test providers.

Although the tests are clear, you need to have a good understanding of the 11+ questioning styles and exam sections if you want to be able to guide your child through any difficult problems. The answers provided offer good explanations for only one question in each section, and this is frequently not the most difficult or complex question, according to the children I have tutored.

I do recommend these tests. These practice papers are the most authoritative Non-Verbal 11 plus resources for the GL Assessment test and to leave them out of your child’s preparations would be foolish. The timings are especially important as they match the exam precisely. However, these papers are no longer a comprehensive representation of the entire exam, and you MUST support your child with other resources to ensure that they understand the full range of questions that may be asked in the final test.

Test Paper Summary

Resource NameGL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers, Non-Verbal Reasoning
PublisherGL Assessment (NFER)
Publication Date1 February 2011
Recommended retail price£9.99
Exam suitabilityGL Assessment ONLY
Overall Score9.1 (Exam Essential)
Date review last updated1 June 2017

GL Assessment - The Official 11+ Practice Papers - Non-Verbal Reasoning

GL Assessment - The Official 11+ Practice Papers - Non-Verbal Reasoning

Ease of Use


    Explanations (where provided)


      Value for money


        Exam Match


          Child Friendly



            • Precisely matches the style of the exam
            • Questions are of exactly the correct level
            • Timings are accurate


            • Not an exact match for modern exams

            Author: Dave

            Dave has been tutoring children for the 11+ exam in Lincolnshire since 2011. He is an expert in preparation for entrance to the Grantham Grammar Schools, and has successfully worked with many current pupils.