CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 9-10

This book is a great option for anyone who wants to start their child early on 11 plus work, or wants a simple introduction to the non-CEM style of 11 plus questions. I’ve been using this book since it was published in 2012, and it is the first resource I use when I introduce non-verbal reasoning. It is not specific to any exam board, but does cover a large amount of the material for the GL Assessment 11+, and other providers, but NOT the CEM exam.

As with all of CGP’s Practice books, it is divided in to 2 sections:

  1. Spotting Patterns
  2. Assessment Tests

The first section includes 8 double pages that introduce the basic skills required to answer non-verbal questions, then provide 2 different 11 plus style groups of questions. The work is relatively easy, well explained, and of a level that encourages learning without pushing too hard at this early stage.

The second part is divided into 5 Assessment Tests, each of which contain 6 exam style sections. The suggested timing isn’t entirely necessary for this level of work, and I personally avoid putting time pressure on students at this point, however the time provided is appropriate for the target level and age group.  The printable multiple-choice answer sheets from CGP, are a welcome addition to the book, and introduce the exam style answer techniques for those students who are targeting the multiple choice exam.

The material is clear, but you should have some understanding of the 11+ questioning styles and exam sections if you want to gain maximum benefit from the book. These practice books don’t offer a complete explanation or suggest a method for answering questions, and hence they aren’t suitable for a novice parent to teach their child, however if you have a working knowledge of the 11 plus, then this can be an effective resource.

I recommend this book if you have a good understanding of the non-verbal style of questioning, or if your child has already been taught the basics. The lack of the recently introduced Spatial Awareness or 3D questions are a concern, but this book is designed for a younger age group, and there are resources out there that could be used to develop understanding in these tricky areas before the exam.

Book Summary

Book Name11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 9-10
PublisherCGP Books
Publication Date6 June 2012
Recommended retail price£6.95
Exam suitabilityGL Assessment & Others
Overall Score8.4 (recommended)
Date review last updated5 June 2017

CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 9-10

CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Book with Assessment Tests Ages 9-10

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            • Child Friendly
            • Good topic introductions
            • Very easy to use
            • Value for money


            • No spatial or 3D coverage
            • Not exam specific

            Author: Dave

            Dave has been tutoring children for the 11+ exam in Lincolnshire since 2011. He is an expert in preparation for entrance to the Grantham Grammar Schools, and has successfully worked with many current pupils.