Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Puzzles 9-12 Years

This is very unusual in the world of 11 plus books, because it is not exam specific, and it is not entirely specific to the 11 plus. I use this book to teach students that questions can be presented in a variety of ways, even though the techniques and methods are familiar. The questions match some the elements of CEM, GL Assessment and other test providers, but this is not a comprehensive guide, and does not offer much in the way of exam-specific material.

The key benefit of the puzzles is that they require a core understanding of the basic principles of the 11 plus style of logic. I recommend that this book is only used with students who have already completed a “how to answer”, “parents’ guide” or “practice book”, and therefore have a grounding in the underlying techniques they will need.

The vocabulary used in the later sections of the book is very challenging for all but the most exceptional of 11 plus students, and this is to be expected when the age range is stated to be 9-12 years. Word matching questions can be a particular problem. Similarly, there are algebra type questions that stretch beyond primary school mathematics and fall outside the abilities of the majority of candidates. For these reasons I find it is beneficial to allow each student to work to their own level, and i frequently leave out the more difficult questions for most of my clients.

Answers are provided in the last few pages of the book, however there are no explanations, and this can leave the child confused if the person working with them is not completely familiar with the material and able to answer all questions effectively themselves.

Book Summary

Book NameBond 11 plus Verbal Reasoning Puzzles: 9-12 years
PublisherBond (Oxford University Press)
Publication Date5 March 2015
Recommended retail price£6.95
Exam suitabilityAll
Overall Score6.2 (use with caution)
Date review last updated25 May 2017

Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Puzzles 9-12 Years

Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Puzzles 9-12 Years

Ease of Use


    Clarity of Explanations


      Value for money


        Exam Match


          Child Friendly



            • Very child friendly
            • Builds understanding
            • Challenges able students


            • Not exam specific
            • Few explanations
            • Exceeds the 11 plus standard

            Author: Dave

            Dave has been tutoring children for the 11+ exam in Lincolnshire since 2011. He is an expert in preparation for entrance to the Grantham Grammar Schools, and has successfully worked with many current pupils.