Bond 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzles 9-12 Years

This book of puzzles is particularly unusual in that it is neither exam specific or 11 plus specific. Whilst some puzzles may be approximated to certain types of 11 plus questions, the overall impression is that the book is written to encourage logical problem solving, rather than to help work towards specific exams. I use this book because it can help students to build on the logical thinking skills that they have developed in more specific studies, whilst also providing interesting and challenging puzzles to maintain their interest.

The biggest benefit of this book is in the presentation of logic questions in a format that appeals to children, whilst challenging the minds of many adults. There are some flaws to the book, particularly the “Puzzling Penguins” which seems to offer no logical method of achieving the given answer, however this does not completely detract from the positives the book can offer.

I have found that this book is best used to develop the logical skills of less able students, whilst challenging the more able to push themselves and complete puzzles that are beyond the level of the 11 plus. Curiously, although labelled as an 11+ book, it also states that it is for 9-12 years, and the stretch beyond the 11 plus standard is evident in some of the later questions. The most able of candidates may be able to complete the entire book without fault, however I rarely spend the required time to achieve this, as the lack of specificity means there are better uses of our sessions if progress is slow.

The answers are provided at the back of the book without explanations. which is a shame. Some of the puzzles are sufficiently difficult that many adults would struggle to find the correct solution, and without direction it may be difficult to explain the answers to a child.

Book Summary

Book NameBond 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzles: 9-12 years
PublisherBond (Oxford University Press)
Publication Date5 March 2015
Recommended retail price£6.95
Exam suitabilityAll
Overall Score6.0 (use with caution)
Date review last updated25 May 2017

Bond 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzles 9-12 Years

Bond 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Puzzles 9-12 Years

Ease of Use


    Clarity of Explanations


      Value for money


        Exam Match


          Child Friendly



            • Very child friendly
            • Builds understanding
            • Challenges able students


            • Not exam specific
            • Few explanations
            • Exceeds 11 plus standard
            • Some dubious answers

            Author: Dave

            Dave has been tutoring children for the 11+ exam in Lincolnshire since 2011. He is an expert in preparation for entrance to the Grantham Grammar Schools, and has successfully worked with many current pupils.